On the Issues

A Safe Community is a Strong Community

Everyone should feel safe in their neighborhood. I’ve worked in the judicial system and with organizations that take unique approaches to address crime. The best way to decrease crime is to address the circumstances that lead people to commit crimes, like the lack of educational and economic opportunities.  

As your State Representative, I will:


  • Foster stronger communication networks between law enforcement, community leaders, and local organizations

  • Demand more state funding for community centers, recreational parks, and youth leadership programs

  • Tougher laws to protect our seniors from fraud and financial scams

Working Families are the Backbone of this State

Workers in Georgia deserve the right to earn a livable wage so they can provide economic stability and security for their families. Like education, economic opportunity is a major factor in success. Our community is strongest when workers are treated fairly and economic success is made more available to everyone.  

As your State Representative, I will:


  • Work with city and county governments to attract and retain high-paying jobs to our community

  • Work to protect small businesses and increase state support for small businesses and minority owned businesses

  • Demand a livable wage and increased protections for Georgia workers

Affordable, Accessible Healthcare is a Right

My sister lost her long battle with pulmonary hypertension last year. When I think about everything she went through during her illness, I can’t help but think about the countless others who NEED affordable healthcare. Access to affordable healthcare should be a right.

As your State Representative, I will:


  • Close the healthcare coverage gap by expanding Medicaid.

  • Protect the progress made under the Affordable Care Act.

  • Protect the right of women to make their own reproductive and healthcare decisions.

Everyone Deserves Respect and Equality

Through our Christian faith, my parents always taught me to respect everyone and to treat everyone equally. Our communities are strongest when everyone feels welcome and receives equal treatment, and where neighbors are looking out for one another.

As your State Representative, I will:


  • Fight to end the policy of gerrymandering our local voting districts

  • Work to protect the civil rights and voting rights of everyone - no matter their race, gender, religion, country of origin, age, or sexual orientation

  • Fight against laws that discriminate against anyone

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