Vote El-Mahdi Holly

for Georgia House District 111

(Henry County)

Hampton  *  Locust Grove  *  McDonough  *  Stockbridge


I'm running to be your State Representative to ensure we have a strong, concerned advocate in the State House fighting for all our communities. 

Working families are struggling to make ends meet, our local schools and businesses aren't getting the support they need. Times are changing in Georgia — and this election is our opportunity to be the change we wish to see.  But the time to act is now



Now running for Georgia's "most flippable seat,"

El-Mahdi has painstakingly earned the endorsement of the Democratic Nominee for Governor, as well as a growing list of regional and community leaders, including:



  • Stacey Abrams, Democratic Nominee for Governor of Georgia

  • Otha Thornton, Lt. Col (Ret.), Democratic Nominee for Georgia Superintendent of Schools

  • Tonya P. Anderson, Georgia State Senator (SD 43)

  • Gail Davenport, Georgia State Senator (SD 44)

  • Nikema Williams, Georgia State Senator (SD 39)

  • Stacey Evans, former Georgia State Representative (HD 42)

  • Sandra G. Scott, Georgia State Representative (HD 76)

  • Dometrice Clemmons, Commissioner, District 2, Henry County

  • Kamali Varner, Mayor Pro-Tem & Councilwoman, City of McDonough

  • Sandra Vincent, Councilwoman, City of McDonough 

  • Rufus Stewart, Councilman, City of McDonough

  • LaKeisha T. Gantt, Councilwoman, City of Stockbridge

  • Neat Robinson, Councilwoman, City of Stockbridge

  • Ann Tarpley, Councilwoman, City of Hampton

  • Erroll Mitchell, Councilman, City of Hampton

  • Honorable Lester Clark 33°, Grand Master of Masons

  • Honorable Marcus Collins 33° Worshipful Master, Scottish Rite Admiration Lodge 25

On: Fully Funded Healthcare

On: Looking Out For Our Neighbors

in the Eagles Landing community

& the City of Stockbridge

On: Small Business & Public Safety


Dates& Locations




7am to 7pm

Henry County Elections Office

40 Atlanta St

McDonough, GA 30253

-or -
Stockbridge Municipal Court

4602 N. Henry Blvd

Stockbridge, GA 30281

-or -
Fortson Public Library

61 McDonough Street

Hampton, GA 30228

-or -
Locust Grove Public Library

115 Locust Rd (MLK Jr. Blvd)

Locust Grove, GA 30248

Use the State of Georgia's MyVoter Page to find or confirm your Election Day Polling Place. Click the button below to get started.



Gerrymandering is the practice of re-drawing Voting Districts to give one political party an advantage over the other. The chart below explains how Republicans have redrawn our House District 111 to disenfranchise African American voters and create the proposed city of Eagles Landing. 

Courtesy: Atlanta Magazine

The winner of the 2016 election for this gerrymandered district was Brian Strickland, who authored the bill that created the City of Eagles Landing. The bill to create Eagles Landing was signed into law by Republican Governor Nathan Deal.  

This is why these elections are so important. Having REAL Democrats in our State House & Governor's Mansion can stop these things from happening.  

Click the picture above to read more about the creation of the City of Eagle's Landing


How can Georgia work better for you and your family?


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To make our district a safe and thriving home for all our residents, our campaign relies on gifts from committed supporters like you.  


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Help me end the ruthless gerrymandering, and work to provide stronger supports for our local working families.

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